Derek Sivers

It’s not enough to just “do business” anymore. It’s not enough to just want to make things so you can make money. As Derek explains in these two videos below¹, there’s nothing special about having an idea and not sharing it, or “squeezing the fun” out of your business just to “maximize profits.” Unless you … Continue reading Derek Sivers

The Pygmalion Pattern™

“Words will never hurt [you]?” Right. Check this out: There’s a wealth of psychological data that suggests people live up (or down) to the expectations of others, even when those expectations are communicated in subtle ways. It’s called the Pygmalion effect, and it has been well documented. A famous 1965 Harvard Study, “Pygmalion in the Classroom,” … Continue reading The Pygmalion Pattern™


It just takes a quick survey of the majority of my generation to see that we really don’t care about politics. The consensus seem to be, “It’s extremely partisan. It’s all messed up. So I ignore it.” I can understand that approach—or non-approach, rather. But I think that, with all of it’s flaws, this country … Continue reading Realpolitik

Storm Clouds

On the plane home from Texas a couple of weeks ago, while we were somewhere over New Mexico, there was a storm. But we weren’t flying through the storm. We were lucky enough to be on the outside looking in. From our vantage point, the lightening was not horrifying. Nor did the black storm clouds … Continue reading Storm Clouds

La Ville-Lumière

My wife Amanda and I saw Midnight In Paris last night. The film follows an aspiring—but downtrodden—novelist named Gil throughout the streets of La Ville-Lumière while he tries to find his mojo. Like almost any wannabe artist’s fairy tale, when the clock strikes 12 he is thrown back into Paris circa 1920. A chance to escape his unsupportive … Continue reading La Ville-Lumière