Proxart Magazine: The Process

Proxart just released it’s Summer 2011 issue. And, as usual, I barely slept at all for (at least) two days. I drank a ton of coffee, barely ate anything, and didn’t have much time to shower.

But I wasn’t alone. Between myself, a dedicated editorial staff, and a slew of designers and photographers from all around the world, Proxart has managed to turn this potential catastrophe into an art. Here’s how we make it happen:

Anything, but not everything.

When we start planning for an issue, we throw all of our personal feature picks into a mush pot. Any artist is fair game as long as you can get an interview with the artist themselves. (We won’t publish arbitrary commentary about an artist. Every article has to come out of a real conversation with them about what they do.) We generally take submissions from the staff for a two week period and, after that, Gia will pick and finalize our table of contents.

Once we sort through who made the cut, Gia and I map out which articles are major features, which are minor, and assign opinion pieces. Then we put together a book-map and allocate a certain amount of space (and a certain amount of words) for each article.

Picking our players.

Once we’ve finalized who we’re featuring and allotted their article an appropriate amount of space, we figure out where each artist lives. Then Ben Hunter goes exploring online to find photographers who live close to our featured artists. Once we find photographers that shoot in a style we appreciate (and that fits the look of Proxart Magazine), we hook the artist up with the photographer and we help them arrange a time for the shoot. Continue reading “Proxart Magazine: The Process”